FORUM FEST 2005 (2005-12-09 06:07:53)
FORUM FEST 2005 - Pictures

http://open-culture.net/ (2005-05-16 06:17:22)
The Open-Culture.Net project is dedicated to the idea of free culture
and it's official begining coincide with the official Lawrense Lessig's
visit to Bulgaria as the founding father of this concept...

First B.A.N.G! Original Song Composition Competition (2005-01-15 13:43:22)
First B.A.N.G! Original Song Composition Competition

Forum-Festival Computer Music Space 2004 (2004-11-02 15:51:50)
Electroacoustic Autumn - Sofia 2004
27 October - 1 November
In New Bulgarian University and in the hall of the Bulgarian composers were leaded the forum-festival «Computermusic space »
Electroacoustic Autumn » - Sofia 2004....

Geronimo Breaks Presents:Street Down Funk Fest (2004-10-16 08:33:28)
Date: 22.10 /Friday/ 2004 :: start:22.30::Enter:6.00lv

2-nd price for computer & electronic music (2004-10-14 16:16:38)
>>Antony Raijekov -(zeos) music
12.10.2004 Antony Raijekov -(zeos) has been nominated for 2-nd place on Computer Space 2004 in section computer & electronic music

The Global and the Man exhibition (2004-09-05 17:09:29)
The Global and the Man exhibition organized by Post Bank and InterSpace,
as part of ArtContact cultural program of Post Bank, will take place from
8th to 19th September 2004 in the Theatre-laboratory SFUMATO, 2 Dimitar
Grekov str, Sofia.
Opening: 8th September, Wednesday, 6:30 pm

net-art, interactive audio-visual projects, photography

Sound design format presentacion (2004-08-05 10:56:27)
Sound design format presentacion
NBU 7.08.04 at 10:00AM
Ventzislava Nikolaev Jordanov presented Sound design format.

DJEBEL BASMA SERVICE Compilation on RADIO.CULT.BG (2004-07-23 15:56:18)
DJEBEL BASMA SERVICE Compilation on RADIO.CULT.BG at 18:00 on radio.cult.bg - Ivan Bachev/navmemo will be guest on Sofia Grooves show this Saturday...

17th July, Satanasov, Titis, Troyt, Navmemo (2004-07-19 17:37:49)
Eskimo place is opening for the summer and again will be terrain and
host for interesting artists and events.
On 17th July the comics artists Satanasov and Titis will present
together with the light sculptures of Troyt and the Echodistofon
instrument of Navmemo

Dieter Kaufman - Live in Sofia (2004-06-15 11:54:26)
Dieter Kaufman(Austria)Live - 15.06.2004 Sofia "NDK" hall 9 19:00h >>Dieter Kaufman

Urban Art Festival (2004-05-17 22:57:22)
27-29 Feb 2004

Simo Lazarov (2004-05-17 22:56:57)
Laser show 19.02.04

Forum-Festival (2004-05-17 22:56:44)
Computer Music Space 2003

PLASA (2004-05-17 22:56:34)
7-10 SEPTEMBER 2003

Simo Lazarov - Live (2004-05-17 22:56:13)
Eternally Spirit

2002 Forum Fest (2004-05-17 22:55:57)
Computer Music Space 2002
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