ouim.net - Bulgarian Net Label (2005-03-16 00:55:32)
Ouim Records is an independent internet label centered in Sofia, Bulgaria, started in the beginning of 2005. Our goal is to promote all kinds of electronic music, in any tone of the progressive * tech * experimental * deep * atmospheric sounds.

HAMMER from Peter Tools (2005-02-02 10:32:29)
Hammer is an audio input tool for Propellerhead's Reason. It finally lets you route ASIO audio inputs into Reason rack for live processing: just adding a reverb, doing cool voice vocoding or guitar distorsion.

Announce: REASON 3.0 (2004-11-29 19:35:38)
Reason 3.0 has officially been announced at the Propellerhead website. Reason 3.0 contains some very interesting new elements which make it even more usefull for live performances.

Absynth 3 (2004-11-07 21:50:09)
Native Instruments introduced the third generation of Absynth. In version three you will enjoy a new much more creative user interface - all-in-one. Some of the new functional improvements are: real-time fractalization, improved emvelope control, multi-channel, surround sound capabilities, unison mode, as well as two new effects.


TAPCO SW·10 (2004-11-03 08:15:16)
Well, the gossip actualyl turned out to be true. As per Ray Tanzten at this year's AES convention in San Francisco, product manager for Tapco, Loud Technologies will be introducing SW-10 - an active studio subwoofer, to fill in for the lack of such at the moment

Stylus RMX - Realtime Groove Module (2004-11-03 08:14:11)
In the beginning of the already past week, the not so unknown company Spectrasonics started shipping the long awaited sequel to the famous Stylus - Stylus RMX. It will put in the hands of the end user a combination of Groove Control and Spectrasonics' Advanced Groove Engine (S.A.G.E.) technology.

FORUM FEST 2005 - Pictures


The Open-Culture.Net project is dedicated to the idea of free culture
and it's official begining coincide with the official Lawrense Lessig's
visit to Bulgaria as the founding father of this concept...

First B.A.N.G! Original Song Composition Competition

Forum-Festival Computer Music Space 2004

Electroacoustic Autumn - Sofia 2004
27 October - 1 November
In New Bulgarian University and in the hall of the Bulgarian composers were leaded the forum-festival «Computermusic space »
Electroacoustic Autumn » - Sofia 2004....

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